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We guarantee Radon levels below 4.0 pCi/l

Two generic methods
to remove Radon in Water

GAC (tank filled with carbon)
Aeration (water is bubbled to release the radon)

Granular activated carbon (GAC) systems are simple and less costly than aeration but often provide poor performance.  They require yearly or bi-yearly carbon replacement.

GAC can only be used for Radon in Water that is less than 20,000 pCi/l or less

A GAC tank removes about 80% of the radon in the water

An AERATION system removes 99% of the radon in the water

This is the schematic of a bubbling system or aeration system.

Radon in the water moves into the air bubbles created by the aeration system.

The exhaust is then vented above the roof.

This is an "AIRaider" system that aerates the water in three separate tanks inside the unit.

The grey motor is the blower that provides the aeration.

The green tank is the re-pressurization tank and re-pressurization pump

We reduced radon in water with this unit from 62,760 Pci/L to 642 pCi/L

This is the inside of an aeration system with the top removed.

Note the bubbles in the first three tanks.

The left tank is the treated water

This is a Shallow Tray aeration system.

The water is bubbled in a shallow tray before falling into the bottom of the system.

The blue tank on the left is the re-pressurization tank and the re-pressurization pump.

These are the "Bubble-Up" spray aeration units that use a pump on demand water supply system rather than a pre-pressurized water tank.

We installed the smaller unit in a home with limited space and reduced the radon in water from 58,295 pCi/L to 508 pCi/L

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