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We all have a dragon that mostly lays dormant but typically awakens when

our mind interprets we are being attacked or when the mind attacks itself.

The dragon overtakes us as anger, fear, resentment, or self-destructive behavior.

The dragon cannot be slain or even wounded. He can only be quieted or tamed.

Fighting or running from him only increases his strength. Quieting a dragon requires:

Looking into the dragons eyes and surrendering to what is

Being ok with how you feel no matter how painful

and accepting 100% what ever is happening inside and outside yourself.

Any fighting will only increase the dragon’s power over you.

Repeat:  “It’s bad enough that …….  is happening, why should I be unhappy too.”

The greater the acceptance, the quieter the dragon becomes. Taming him, however, requires deep knowing who you truly are. Your true self is hidden behind a locked gate that requires several keys that can only be used when the dragon sleeps and you are totally present in the moment.

The gate keys are:

Fully accept whatever is happening inside and outside you

Be very awake but with no thoughts (past, future, labeling, whatever)

Without thoughts, sense the aliveness in your own body.

Become aware of your awareness and ask “where am I” - seek no answer.

You will pass backwards through the gate.  In this place you will experience aliveness inside and outside you with a feeling of being in space - not knowing who you are.

The mind will quickly drag you back with thoughts it claims are more important.

The mind loves problems and wants to focus on them all day long.

But do you really have any problems in this very moment?


The first key to the gate is acceptance. Whenever you are unhappy, upset, depressed or angry it is because you are not accepting reality.

As soon as you accept whatever is happening inside or outside yourself, your happiness will begin to return and you can then try the next key  –  quieting your mind.

The journey is ultimately  “knowing who you are not”

because you are not your self-image or your problems

At some point in each day - accept all things

Quiet your mind by focusing on the aliveness inside your body

Become aware of awareness

Without thinking any thoughts  - be in awe of the aliveness all around you.

Then give back to others the peace & love you have regain

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