Re-Discovering our True-Self


All of us have an Ego-Self that is not really who we are.
This mind created Ego-Self covers up our True-Self by:

constantly seeking to enhance itself by putting down others,
 being always terrified of its own self diminishment,
 and striking anything it perceives as an attack.

 This self created Ego-Self demands our constant attention
by creating a continual flow of thoughts
which causes us to forget we are actually three parts:

Body  -  Mind  -  Awareness (spirit)

When you are thinking thoughts you cannot experience your Awareness-Self.
To experience your Awareness-Self:

Fully accept everything that is happening inside you & outside you right now.

Bring some awareness to the aliveness inside your body.

Without thoughts or labeling become aware of the space and forms around you
 while feeling your own aliveness.
In this moment there are no problems.

Your Awareness of awareness is who you truly are. 

The secret to taming this Ego-Self is to become aware of it and its negative influence while having an attitude of acceptance

Every day finding some time to experience your Awareness-Self while no thoughts or judgments are moving through your mind.




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