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Pre-Mature Radon Fan Failure is
Primarily Due to Internal Moisture

Soil gas contains lots of moisture that condenses inside radon vent pipes exposed to cold temperatures, and drips down on the motor and bearings.

To maximize outdoor radon fan life, divert the moisture around the fan.

WPB uses a by-pass drain method we call the "Dilts Method"

The radon fan below has no moisture by-pass

The fan below has a by-pass that drains the condensation to the outside

Dilts by-pass Drain

This is a Dilts by pass drain.  A moon shaped piece of aluminum is caulked into the bottom of an elbow and a brass fitting is installed for a drain tube.

Below are a series of pictures showing how to retrofit a "Dilts Drain" when replacing a radon fan. We provide this service to Lehigh Valley customers.

This radon fan has stopped working. It is likely due to internal moisture getting in the bearings and motor

It's a good idea to make sure there is still power to the fan and that the power is off.

With the fan removed, a drain hole is installed below the fan to allow the condensation to drain back into the suction holes.

This keeps the drain tubing under a negative pressure so that no radon laden air escapes.

New installations we drain condensation to the outside using a Tee fitting

Drill the inside bottom of the upper portion of the elbow above the fan with a 1/2" bit.

Thread a 1/4" by 3/8" thread brass fitting into the drilled hole.

Cut a half moon piece of aluminum and then notch the edge.

Fold each notch in opposite directions.

Dry fit the piece inside a PVC elbow to make sure it will fit

Put a fat bead of caulk on the notched edge.

Place the caulked aluminum inside the elbow just below the brass fitting

After re-installing the fan, run vinyl tubing with pipe insulation from the upper brass fitting...

...down to the drain hole below the fan that was previously drilled in the pipe.

RP series Replacement Fan with a by-pass drain

The installation is complete with a system label identifying the system's purpose.

We can replace your radon fan if you live in or near the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

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